Hello everyone and Happy Friday! 
It´s finally Fridayyyy, what day is better than this one, when we all know the weekend is so close ;)?! Yu-huuu! What are your plans for the weekend? Whatever they are, hope you get nice weather ;).
Everything i used for this LO you can buy from HAPPY SCRAPPY at very low prices - don´t forget to take the chance ;).
Me, i created some more and, like i said, im back again :d. I bet you missed me :)). Just because it´s friday, i will keep it short. I made this page based on a lovely sketch, that i could not resist, you will see it lower. The LO has to contain the word CELEBRATE and a air balloon ;):
...the central area:
...the journaling and other details:
...the central area:
...the layering:
...and the sketch:
I will submit this page to these 2 challenges:
Have a blessed weekend and see you soon :)!
Didn´t i say i´d be back soon ;)?! Here i am again :P.
And this time i made a wedding page but with a twist :P. You need to know the story to understand the title and i´ll be very short. As some of you already know, im romanian and my husband is swede. We got married in Romania in an orthodox church and i was the translator. Well, you can imagine it ain´t easy to translate the Bible´s text for weddings and to keep the pace.
Everything i used here - except the stamps - you can buy from HAPPY SCRAPPY, at very low prices.
This page it´s made for the 99th challenge with LCTS - my 1st time with them :).
Here´s the question: STILL WITH ME?
...and here´s (on the wings of the 2nd butterfly) the answer: "YES BABY :)!"
...more details:

...and the sketch, which i thought was very cool and hard to resist :)):
Now im working on a page for their 100th sketch "Let´s celebrate" and i hope i´ll be in time to link it up, the deadline is 1st of October, so wish me luck ;).
Until soon, i send you all my best thoughts :).

Still with me :P?

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Didn´t i say i´d be back soon ;)?! Here i am again :P. And this time i made a wedding page but with a twist :P. You need to know the story t...
I can't believe it myself, i tell you, but i love it ;)!!!
Hello everyone!
Back to work already? Some of you, others are still sleeping and others are almost done with their job for today. But for all of you i have today yet another page. 
A page about my lovely husband when he was 15 years old, on a trip in UK. A page i made for this ST challenge, the place where i "play" most often :). The sketch was very cool, as usual, and i could not resist. The page is 20x20 cm and it will most probably be part of our family album. With this occasion i realised i need more masculine embellishments :P. Well, almost everyday i realize i need something more, obviously :)). Today is the last day to link up your take on the sketch, so that's why im back so soon ;). So let's see the my take on the sketch:
...and some details:

...and the sketch:
I hope you like it and it will inspire you a bit. Until next time - soon, i can promise you that :D - i wish you have a wonderful time in everything you do :).

UK in my eyes ;)

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I can't believe it myself, i tell you, but i love it ;)!!! Hello everyone! Back to work already? Some of you, others are still sleeping ...
Hello to you and a happy Monday :)!
How are you all, hope you had a nice weekend. Here it was nice, sunny and around 15-20 degrees, so we took more walks than usual :). Now a new week started and we charge our batteries with some caffe-machiatto/coffee (my husband) while we read the news, you know, the usual. So, let's hope this week will be a good one, filled with good news and nice opportunities ;). And some mojo for those who are in need :P. 
Aha, so, what else did i do lately, as i said i will get back to you. I finally managed to take a photo of the door sign i made for our friend, but i will post it some other time, so please bear with me here :). However, for our family album, i made the 3rd page - check here and here to see the other 2 pages - and i will submit it to this challenge. I liked the sketch very much, so i could not resist ;). The page is about morsan (that's like "mommy" in english), my mother-in-law, who unfortunately is no more with us. She was a wonderful woman, hard to describe in few words, but i will try to resume and say that i felt her very close to my heart from the 1st moment i met her, that she was much more to me than just my mother-in-law.
The paper, the alphabets, the glitter you find at HAPPY SCRAPPY, at extremely good prices ;).
So here is the page:
 ...the journaling and other details :):
...and some more details:
...and the gorgeous skecth:
So, everyone, i hope you liked the page, or rather that you might have got some inspiration :). Until next time, i wish you a great Monday and stay tuned, i'll be back soon ;). Take care!

Page to Morsan

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Hello to you and a happy Monday :)! How are you all, hope you had a nice weekend. Here it was nice, sunny and around 15-20 degrees, so we to...
Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday ;)!!!
Im back sooner than i would have thought :D!
This post is to present you a page a made for 3 challenges and it will be a short one, as i have pretty much to do :) Me likes :P. 
It´s another page in our family album and the title include 3 separate key-words, 1 for each challenge. Plus, of course, its based on a specific sketch. Whew, what a multi-tasking person i can be :)).
The page is about Vasile Constantinescu (the picture in the middle) who is my grandfather from my father´s side, and 4 friends of his - they were all fighting in the 2nd World War, and of course, they shared the same memories about this, therefore the title...
Friends Sharing the same Memories:
...and for the details:
...the background, title & journaling:
...and the very original sketch:
Now, let´s see. Here are the 3 challenges im submitting this LO to:
2. BITW - Memory (2nd LO submit to this challenge ;))
I must say, i love working on these pages for our family album. I feel so fulfilled when i do this, it feels like i keep alive some very precious persons, moments, memories :). 
Just before i started this page, i scrapped another one, that i will share next week i think ;). So stay tuned ;). 
Until then, i hope you liked the page, found some inspiration and will have a great time :):):):):)!!!

Hello world :)!
Im back again :P! 
And even though i said i would be back with the door sign i made for our friend, im back with a scrapbooking page, the one that represents the start of our FAMILY ALBUM :). You probably remember those old pictures of my family and their friends. Well, i did not have much patience and i started scrapping them. Of course, first i scanned them, so they remain in electronic format also. 
So, this page is focused on my grandparents from both sides :). Unfortunately, none of them is alive, the last one to go was my grandmother from my father's side. The album will be in English, so that, later in time, everyone in our family - and not only - understands it :). The page is in 20x20 format, as the album. Let's see how it looks.
Down the memory lane:
...and into the journaling now:
...more focus on the photos and embellies:
...and the sketch:
I will submit this LO to 2 challenges: Get Picky's 12th challenge and Bird is the Word's MEMORY challenge.
I hope you like it and inspires you. Now im working on another page for the same album, soon i'll be done and will post it here, of course.
The door sign i will post as soon as i get to take a photo of it, as promised ;).
Until next time, i wish you all a wonderful week filled with joy :)!

Hello world and welcome back into my happy-scrappy world ;)!
Im back again and i can tell & show you that my time has been productive :P. Im very glad to let you know that i finished my first mini-album. And it has a lovely shape - that of a butterfly. And not only the shape, but the paper itself is all full of...butterflies ;). So full you would say i´m in love - and you would not be wrong ♥.
I will submit this to the current mini-album challenge organized by SvenskScrapbooking. The album is about us, me and my husband, and it includes photos taken since we met until the wedding moment. It´s called "Bits & pieces of US". I did not decorate the verso of the pages, it would have looked to full from my point of view and the paper structure was not that strong either. Let´s see how it looks:
The cover:

Page 1:
...with some focus on some embellies:
Page 2:
Page 3 with the title "Crazy is like crazy does" - a quote from Homer Simpson (would you ever guess that we like The Simpsons :D?):
Page 4, with no title, but with some images telling what we like: coffee (my dear husband) and strawberries (poor little me :P):
...and the final page "Happy ever after":
The back cover:
I hope it´s pretty visible the fact that i heat-embossed and dry-embossed the background paper (see the corners). And also that i´ve used the Nestabilities for the first time now (page 2 and 4).
I do hope you like it, my husband liked it and that is extremely important to me. He always tells me when he does not like something, so now im happy :P.
I will get back as soon as i manage to take some good photos of a door sign a made for our friend Klasse. A sign that i had much fun working on and that he thinks looks much better than our own :))))). I must say i like that.
Until next time, i wish you all the best!!!
Hello everyone!
Im back again! And i appologize for disappearing like this, but i had and i still have pretty much to do. It´s been a relatively full period but i feel it will get even fuller, ´cause this is how it is in the translation field: the summer is usually kind of dead.
Anyway, last Wednesday i have scrapped with my lovely 14 years old niece, Ellinor. And we did not play too much, we jumped directly to a LO :P. So this is what she did. All i helped her with was to explain how to do things, but i did not actually do anything. She chose the color combination and everything else. I have hidden her face, but this should not matter.
The page is about herself, and is a 20x20 cm LO made of only scraps:
...and a bit of details:
She is already inpatient and curious about this next Wednesday. We established we shall do a card, play with the Cuttlebug and learn some techniques. 
Let´s hope she will enjoy her time with me, I surely enjoy the time with her :).
Will get back to you all with the card that she will create. Until then, have a great time!!!