As sweet as a pie. No, even sweeter ;)!

Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday ;)!
I want to thank all of you for the Happy Halloween wishes and for the emails asking how im doing. Im doing fine, thanks a lot, just a lot to do these days, translations mostly. It´s always like this in the end of the year. But somehow, the more i have to translate/do something else, the more i need to scrapbook, so i try to find the time to create something, no matter how busy i am, and that´s because i need it. And when you have some lovely sketches and color schemes, how can you jump over such opportunity ;)? No way Jose :P! So this time it was "love at 1st sight" with this color scheme and said i have to make it, no matter what. Let see what i did first:
Focus on the photo area:
Journaling: (Ana-Maria, my sweet niece, is 8 y.o. now and she is the sweetest little Miss Sunshine for her family & all around her):
...more details:
The title:
and now the inspiration. How could anyone resist to this color scheme ;)?!
ST came up with a simple but very challenging sketch, irresistable :P:
and Sketchabilities have a lovely sketch yet again for us:
So, that´s it. Hope you liked it and that it will maybe inspire you too ;). Until next time, i wish you all a lovelyyyyy time ;)!