Yes, i was in the mood for autumn. So i created a journaling page about it. I could create some more, to be honest, on the same subject, as i love autumn. 
I noticed that i started loving autumn progressively, it comes with age, you know :P. When i was younger it was making me feel melancholic and nostalgic. But in the last 1-2 years it makes me feel energetic, i enjoy life more than usual. Strange, i know :D :)).
So i found this image i liked a lot. And i made a few mistakes, the colours were too intense and too darkin the beginning, so i covered everything with tissue paper and here is the final result (sorry, i really dont know why the image is inverted, in my computer is normal but it attaches it wrongly :( ):

and a detail:

Iata, dragi prieteni, o pagina de mixed media journaling despre toamna. Am gresit, culorile de fundal folosite erau prea inchise si prea intense, asa ca am aplicat niste hartie subtire peste si mi-a placut ce a iesit la final. Sper ca si voua.
Ne vedem curand pentru o noua creatie. Pana atunci, sa avem zile superbe :)!

Hello friends,

Im back with my latest journal page. I love poppies and so does my sister, so i said i should enjoy myself by creating it and then offer it to her. I love poppies so much that i started learning how to draw them myself. However in this page they are not drawn by me. I try to find the courage to create a layout/canvas with poppies, but i feel i have to practice some more :).
So here is my page, which now, im proud to say, it hangs in my niece's room together with some creations made by my husband. Hope you like it and that it will inspire you too, maybe :)
...and the details:

Salutare, prieteni!

Iata cea mai recenta pagina de jurnal. Si eu si sora mea adoram macii, asa ca am decis sa imi ofer putina bucurie creand aceasta pagina si apoi sa o ofer surorii mele. Sunt mandra sa va spun ca pagina este expusa in camera nepoatei mele, impreuna cu alte cateva lucrari ale sotului meu si prietenului nostru, Klasse. O artista in miniatura este nepoata mea, ador felul in care se inconjoara de frumos. Ba mai mult, acum este atat de inspirata ca a inceput si ea sa creeze in stil mixed media.
In speranta ca va place pagina mea, va multumesc pentru vizita pe blog si va astept mereu cu drag!

Here is another page, in Art Deco style, my husband's favourite style :). 
For the first time i had the gutts to paint something myself (the skyscrapers, the rays and the moon). 
I really hope you like it.

and a detail:

Iata ca e gata o alta pagina dubla, in stil Art Deco, preferatul sotului meu. Cladirile, razele luminoase si luna sunt pictate de mine. Sper sa va placa.

Art Deco love

by on 14 August
Here is another page, in Art Deco style, my husband's favourite style :).  For the first time i had the gutts to paint something myself...

My latest double page is all about cats and is dedicated to all cat lovers. I myself prefer dogs, but somehow did not feel inspired yet to make a page about them. If i will ever get inspired...

Meanwhile I will continue offering some joy to those of you who like cats. When i created this page i thought about some friends and acquaintaces of mine who, some, have even more than a cat. They inspired me and i was happy to find out that they loved the page. One of them will get it as a gift, for sure. For the others i will be happy to create if they want me to :).
Hope you enjoy the page

and a detail:

De la bufnite am trecut la pisici, desi, sincer va spun, eu prefer cainii. Dar pur si simplu nu am fost inspirata sa creez ceva cu caini. Cand am creat aceasta pagina m-am gandit la niste prieteni si cunostinte dragi care, unii, au mai mult chiar de 1 pisica. Ei m-au inspirat. Si am fost placut surprinsa sa aflu ca le-a placut mult pagina. Unul din ei o va primi cadou ;). Pentru ceilalti voi crea cu placere pe comanda.
Sper sa va placa si voua.

I always loved owls, they are so sweet and cute and "crazy". Well, always is a bit much, but you know what i mean ;). However crazy you might think i am after them, im not the kind to have everything patterned in owls. I only have a cup, because i got it as a gift :P. And as crazy as i sound after them, they were not my first idea for a journaling page either. But it seems they did not have to wait too long, because here they are, with a message for you:

Be your TRUE self, always

Totdeauna mi-au placut bufnitele, sunt super crazy si dulci. Dar oricat de mult credeti ca mi-ar placea, sa stiti ca nu sunt genul care sa aiba husa de telefon si cani si lenjerie de pat imprimate cu bufnite, nu :))). Am decat o cana primita cadou recent. Si, stiu ca suna "ciudat", dar bufnitele nu au fost nici prima mea idee pentru o pagina de jurnal. Insa se pare ca nu au trebuit sa astepte mult, pentru ca iata-le aici cu un mesaj important pentru voi: "Fii tu insuti/insati, mereu".

Enjoy and have a lovely day!

Dragi prieteni,
Iata gama cromatica si schita dupa care ne vom orienta luna aceasta, sunt superbe, nu-i asa? Ca si la prima provocare, din gama cromatica trebuie sa includeti minim 3 culori, iar tema paginii o alegeti voi. Aveti timp sa dati frau liber imaginatiei pana pe 31 august orele 12.00 (pranz). Creatiile se lasa in format .jpeg pe pagina grupului.

Se vede ca e vacanta, pentru ca la provocarea din iulie nu s-au inscris cele 3 creatii minim necesare pentru a putea trage la sorti un castigator. Mai exact, Ana a fost singura care a creat. Felicitari, Ana, pentru o creatie plina de veselie si spirit estival!!!

1. poate participa absolut oricine din Craiova, nu trebuie sa va inscrieti prin vreun formular si nici sa anuntati - dar la final trebuie sa fie inscrise minim 3 creatii individuale (realizate de 3 persoane diferite)
2. aveti la dispozitie 1 luna pentru a va concepe si realiza creatia - NUMAI pagini de album, fara felicitari
3. puteti lucra cu orice materiale doriti, atat timp cat se inscriu in zona scrapbooking
4. vom avea o schema si o gama de culori de respectat
5. tema o decide fiecare
6. vor fi PREMII pentru castigator
7. castigatorul va fi desemnat prin tragere la sorti si anuntat pe blog

Sunteti bineveniti sa lasati frau liber imaginatiei creand o noua pagina pentru albumul vostru scrapbook. O vara creativa in continuare mile emoticon