SUEDIA are nevoie de medici!

SUEDIA are nevoie de medici!
SUEDIA are nevoie de medici! Vino la singurul curs din Craiova asistat de un suedez nativ (40 lei/ora)! CLICK pe imagine pentru detalii!

06 August 2017

Caldura se infrunta cu creativitate

Salutare, prieteni!

Aceasta va fi o postare foarte scurta, doar pentru a va da de stire ca traim si, mai mult, cream. Daca n-am mai postat nu inseamna ca n-am mai creat. Au contraire. 
Nu stim daca voua va place valul asta de caldura sau daca fugiti de el. Stim un lucru: noi il infruntam. Cum? Creand. Pentru noi, pentru voi. Si da, pentru expozitie! Asa ne racorim noi. Sau, ma rog, asa avem impresia :)). Deci, de aia nu am mai postat mare lucru recent, nici aici, nici pe FB. Dar credeti-ne cand va spunem ca avem noutati pentru voi. Unele din ele s-au si vandut deja, dar promitem sa compensam. 
In orice caz, le veti vedea pe toate pe 2 septembrie, incepand cu ora 09.00, in sala "Ia te Uita" a Teatrului National Craiova.
Va las aici cu fazele incipiente ale celor mai recente creatii ale mele. Scuzati calitatea pozelor, au fost facute cu telefonul:

Pana pe 2 septembrie, sa avem o vara racoroasa!

17 July 2017

"Colour and Insanity" la TNC Craiova

Hello everyone!

Iar am stat departe de blog timp de aproape o luna. Nu e nevoie sa ma mai scuz ca am avut treaba si a fost o perioada relativ incarcata, ca asta stiti deja ;). 
Ei, in acest timp, Magnus a venit cu ideea reluarii traditiei noastre de a organiza o expozitie pe an. Am fost reticenta, si pentru ca Klasse, prietenul nostru cu care cream si organizam de obicei aceste expozitii, nu ne viziteaza anul acesta, decat eventual la expozitie. Iar mie, sincer, imi lipseste acea "presiune" pe care ei o exercitau prin faptul ca incepeau sa creeze ca niste artisti carora muza nu le da pace :)). Exact asa, nici nu ajungea bine Klasse la noi, ca gata, se incingeau spiritele, iar mintile si mainile lor incepeau sa intre intr-o stare febrila, care destul de repede ma molipsea si pe mine. 
Dintre noi 3, eu sunt cea mai lenta, mie imi ia cel mai mult sa ma hotarasc la o idee, si apoi s-o pun in practica. Deci imaginati-va ca, in timp ce ei faceau  (si mai si editau) un video si 10 desene, eu abia imi selectam materialele necesare :)). Da, stiu, dar deh, nu ma scoateti din ritmul meu ca nu mai scoateti nimic de la mine :)).
Anyway, revenind la idee, Magnus a reusit sa ma convinga si, dupa ce am obtinut acordul dlui Vlad Dragulescu, director artistic al Teatrului "Marin Sorescu", de a expune in Sala "Ia Te Uita", am purces la treaba. 

Expozitia va fi una foarte dinamica si interactiva, fiind de fapt un eveniment plin de tot soiul de alte activitati: curs de limba suedeza, scrapboking demo, pictura interactiva pe panza, filme despre Suedia, tombola etc.

Am stabilit data pentru 2 septembrie 2017, programul de desfasurare fiind de la ora 09.00 pana la 19.00. Mai exact, creatiile noastre vor fi schimbate la fix, in fiecare ora. Fiecare va expune 3 creatii pe ora, per total veti putea admira un total de circa 50 de creatii de pictura si mixed media.

Aici aveti interviul de la Radio Horion, fara reclame, iar aici filmuletul promo al expozitiei:

Nu uitati, deci, de ziua de 2 septembrie, cand noi va asteptam cu drag si va promitem o zi plina de creativitate si frumos, in care voi insiva veti avea ocazia sa va exprimati atistic ;).

Tineti aproape pe pagina evenimentului!

Pana pe 02.09, va uram o vara asa cum v-o doriti!

25 June 2017

The Sea Queen - mixed media card

Hello everyone!

It's such a long time since my last post, that im really ashamed, really. I can only come up with the usual excuse, that we had it really busy. Just to detail a bit: we have been to Rome in the beginning of May, then as soon as we got back home i got a huge translation project - the coolest i ever had ;) - that kept me busy until a week ago. And then some more work. 
If it was not for this birthday party of a friend of mine, who really wanted a mixed media card made by me, i don't know when i would have created anything. She actually wanted a card last year as well, and i felt so bad because we were renovating our apartment then and everything was out of its place and so i could not access anything. But now i took my revenge, because she loved this one.
It seems to me that i create best when under time pressure. Which is amazing, because the muse does not usually come when you need it. But for me it came everytime i needed her: last year when we had a collective private exhibition, 2 years ago when we had an exhibition in Doispe. Now with Loreta's party. So....not bad ;).
Well, i won't ramble any more and i present you with the Sea Queen. The shells are real, just the ornament under the middle shell and the crown over it are in cardstock and wood. The card is square and measures 25x25 cm.
I did not manage to take many photos, again because of lack of time. But this one is good enough, i think:

...and here it is in Loreta's home:

Until next time, i wish you all a lovely cool summer!

14 March 2017

The Dreamcatcher - 60 x 30 canvas

Hello dear friends,

How long is it since my last post/creation? 2 weeks again. Not bad, really. I know I should post more often, but I feel that if I don't have anything new to show you, then what's the point? So I hope you will forgive me for not boring you with my presence too often :).
I really don't have much to say about this one, except that I recently saw many dream catchers online, in many shapes and forms, and also included in art creations. And I must confess I got bored with them and I suddenly rejected the idea of including one in any of my near-future creations, basically because I thought there was an overflow of dream catchers :). 
Strangely and soon enough, I woke up one morning with the fixed idea that I should create something based on this idea/concept/object. And I felt so inspired that I started right away. Luckily I had one clock frame left, so I used that as the frame of my dream catcher and then the rest came by itself.
So, it seems that life, in its kindness, shows me that no matter how much you reject something, if it suits you it will fit you :P.
Hope you like it, really:


See you soon!

28 February 2017

Love on Earth - 40x30 cm canvas - SOLD

Hello, dear fiends!

Im back on this last day of February, to make sure I mark the end of the month and the spring's arrival. As some of you probably know, February is also known as the Month of Love. 
On this theme I wanted to create something, a canvas or something, just not something too romantic, but rather ...i don't know, but not romantic. And by this I don't mean "anything BUT romantic", no. 
While I started "playing" I got more and more in a philosophical mood. And the main idea of these thoughts was that of an universal love. I guess you all know what I mean by that, so I won't get into details and I will just present you with the result (I apologies for the photos, they don't make it justice) - on a board canvas that measures 40 x 30 cm:

Welcome March!

11 February 2017

Nothing says LOVE like a skull

Hello everyone!

I can't believe im back so soon, i mean it's not even 2 weeks since my last post, did not expect to create so soon again. Of course im happy and over the moon as they say. And the reason why im back so soon is because of Valentine's Day and a creation i made at my baby's suggestion: involving death/skulls and the sort. 
He thinks less is more. Even so he supported me in trying to achieve what i wanted this to look like: it was supposed to have a top hat and wings and all should have been done in steampunk style. Well, we managed the hat, but the wings just did not want to stick. Wonder why :P. 
Next we moved to some crossed-keys sign and some cogwheels, to keep the style. Well, long story short: we gave it all up, because he loved it much more like this. And i was only happy to comply ;). 
What do you think: wouldn't you love to get such a gift for Valentine's Day ;)?
Well, without any further ado, here it is:

01 February 2017

ART is back!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year again ;)!

Now that the special offer for the Swedish courses expired (yesterday), im happy to be back with some art 😤.
I have been away and did not create much since my last canvas. I was not inspired at all, but that did not stop my fingers from itching. 
However it seems that is not enough: i allowed my itchy fingers to take control, but they were up to no good. And not only once, but twice! I had a set of 4 canvases of 80x40 cm and when i bought them i had a specific idea. As soon as i started working, i realized that idea won't become reality. Gesso-ed it over and started again, with the same idea :)). I don't quit easily, no. 
Luckily though i got the feeling that i wanted to do something totally different and not only that, but i was in the mood for something wintery. And there is a small story to this too. Because last year, also in January, i wanted to do a wintery canvas and did not manage, ended up doing something totally different. Well, basically because i did not like the result. And the final result was a very beloved creation of mine, one that represents me a lot.
It seems i love winter a lot, especially Christmas, because that feeling came back this year and haunted me. With a good result this time. The canvas is called "Christmas wonder" and has 80x40 cm. I hope you will like it as much as i enjoyed working on it. Can you guess what is the wonder :)?

31 January 2017

Incearca Suedia la Craiova

Dragi prieteni,

Am decis sa cream o alta serie de reduceri, cu o alta perioada de valabilitate.
Conditiile sunt aceleasi: vii o ora platesti 30 lei, stai 2 ore platesti 50 lei. Pretul normal al unei sedinte de 2 ore este de 80 lei.

REDUCERIGrupurile de 4 cursanti primesc o reducere de 300 lei/pers./modul (1 modul = 30 sedinte, iar plata se face la fiecare 10 sedinte)!

Valabilitate: pana la 31.01.2017

Inscrieri: doar la tel. 0754 - 48 90 46 sau prin email la sau la


Astazi va scriu in calitatea mea de traducator profesionist. Fac acest lucru de 16 ani si sunt la curent cu "trendurile" in materie de limbi straine cautate, impuse de miscarile politice si economice la nivel mondial.
Actualmente, acestea sunt:

1. limbile scandinave (suedeza, norvegiana si daneza)
2. limbile asiatice
3. limbile arabe
In acest moment, tie, ca locuitor al Craiovei, iti este mult mai la indemnana sa inveti limba suedeza. Si nu numai atat - dar o poti invata asistat fiind de un suedez nativ!!! 
Marele avantaj al limbii suedeze este ca, odata invatata, iti garanteaza si intelegerea celorlalte 2 limbi scandinave, in proportie de 75% vorbit si 95% scris. Oferindu-ti astfel sanse triple!
Viitorul este, deci, in mainile tale - tu ce alegi :)Scoala de Suedeza este alaturi de tine cu manuale oficiale de ultima ora, sedinte de perfectionare a pronuntiei, teste intermediare, teme corectate etc.!
Iar de Black Friday avem o oferta imbatabila. Da-i o sansa viitorului tau venind la o prima sedinta de suedeza - 30 lei (1 ora) sau 50 lei (2 ore)!
Oferta este valabila pana la 30 noiembrie 2016, iar locurile sunt limitate!!!
Inscrieri: 0754 - 48 90 46 sau la /

07 January 2017


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